Come Out To God Ministry Counseling Center

A safe place to ask questions about unwanted same sex attraction.

         Are you struggling with unwanted same sex attraction?

Confused?  Not sure why you are having those thoughts? Feeling trapped? Don't think you have a choice?  If you are experiencing unwanted sexual thoughts, my hope is this site will help you understand that your feelings of attraction do NOT mean you are gay or lesbian. Nothing you "feel" labels you.  It's when you decide to take action on those feelings that society places a label on you of "lesbian or gay."  In God's eyes, those labels don't exist. 



We are all created in the image of God.


Please watch the video below entitled "The Way Out".

The Way Out


Come Out To God Ministries...

exists to mentor women or men who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction or other life controlling issues.  We also provide information and mentoring for friends and family of those who struggle.  We cover topics such as pornography, abortion issues and relationship addiction.

A Word from the Director...